Hotspot Ukes are “Brewing Up A Storm” For The Homeless

Pat Byrne of Greystones “Hotspot Ukes” has just sent us this video of the Hotspot Ukes doing a great version of “Brewing Up A Storm” which they just recorded as a single to raise funds for the Homeless at this very difficult and bitterly cold time of the year. Its a good cause, let’s support them.

The Hotspot Ukes

Pat says “Calling all Ukepluckers!
The Hotspot Ukes have recorded a single “ Brewing Up A Storm” by The Stunning for the homeless
so please watch it and if you think its good, like it! and if you really like it?…..tweet it and go to and pay €1 or more and we will pass it on to homeless charities.”

One thought on “Hotspot Ukes are “Brewing Up A Storm” For The Homeless

  1. Congratulations! What a great recording/video/arrangement. You guys are really the business. Saw you live at the Ukulele Hooley in August. All the best for the future. Now to the website to buy this single. Thanks.

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