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UkuHooligans Ukulele Ensemble at the Bloomsday Festival in Glasthule

We uke players often say how magical playing the ukulele can be and we had a nice little instance of this today when we turned up to play at the Bloomsday Festival in Glasthule. We had been asked to play by our good friends in 64 Wine in Glasthule and were just about to start when a man came up and presented us with a delightful little watercolour he had painted of us last year. Needless to say we were really pleased with the lovely gift. Tommy Sheridan has been made official custodian of the watercolour and he has kindly offered to have it copied so each of us can have a copy ( Haven’t you Tommy? :-)

Despite some initial sound problems the patrons seemed to enjoy the little performance (at least nobody threw rotten fruit) and we were treated to very generous hospitality by Ger and the fantastic friendly staff at 64 Wine.
All in all, a good day (hic!)

The painter is John Short and you can see many of his watercolours at

Ukulele Hooley 2013 News : West Cork Ukulele Orchestra Returns!

Work continues a storm on getting everything in place for the 2013 Ukulele Hooley and over the next while we’ll be announcing more and more artists appearing.

The West Cork Ukulele Orchestra have established a huge following and made a great impact on the “Hooley” in 2011. They’ve been on a sabbatical for a while but we are really pleased to welcome them back to this year’s Hooley in August – Don’t miss them !