The Guggenheim Grotto – @ Whelans September 21st – (don’t miss them)

In the six years since the Guggenheim Grotto’s first album hit the top of iTunes folk charts, Irishmen Mick Lynch and Kevin May have criss-crossed America to cultivate an audience one gig at a time.

Along the way, they’ve toured extensively with Ingrid Michaleson, They Might Be Giants and Ani Di Franco.

Their songs have been used in major network primetime TV shows like One Tree Hill and Brothers and Sisters, and garnished rave reviews from influential outlets such as Paste magazine, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post.

The duo’s strength rests in their infectious, evocative songs delivered with a rare vocal blend – think Neil Finn of Crowded House meets Richard Hawley. Pinning their music down is not so easy. It’s an extraordinary mixture of dark folk, electro-pop, rock and lament – but it’s their ability to put some magic, musical dust into every song that binds their work together.

On stage and on record it’s all about drawing the listener in. When playing live they talk freely with their audience and encourage them to add their own voices to a mature catalogue of songs celebrating life’s beautiful mysteries.

Currently living in Brooklyn, The Guggenheim Grotto have just finished recording their 4th studio album and will be showcasing new songs during their acoustic tour of Ireland this Autumn.

The Guggenheim Grotto is living proof that magic still exists in the musical landscape and that there are hidden gems of bands that hide in the world, waiting patiently to be found by an appreciative ear.” – Hybrid Magazine

The more I hear of these guys, the more I’m convinced they’re imbued with that rare genius which strikes only just so often.” – Mark S Tucker