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New Ukeslinger In Town! Fantastic Ukulele playing!

One of the joys of watching out for new ukulele playing talent on Youtube is when it throws up precisely that.
Last week I came across a number of recent videos posted by a player called “GeorgeUke”. “GeorgeUke” is 25, comes from Dublin and boy, he can hold his own with the best out there. Check out George’s channel on Youtube……’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Here’s how George describes himself:
“I’m George Elmes from Dublin. I’ve been playing guitar for many years but I recently started playing the uke having discovered Roy Smeck. l love Smeck’s aggressive playing style and try to recreate that vibe in some of my vids, such as ‘Ukulele Solo’ and ‘Ukulele Solo #2’. I also like players such as Andy Eastwood and Steven Sproat who have perfected Formby’s style of playing.”

Ukulele ZaZa plays “The Glory of Love” on Rob Collins Uke

ZaZa has one of the finest Martin (and other) ukulele collections and he certainly know his ukes, so when he says a ukulele is “fabulous” you take it as a serious recommendation. In this video ZaZa is playing a soprano uke made by Rob Collins Rob has been making some fine instruments for the past number of years and we are really pleased he will be at the Ukulele Hooley in August so you will have a chance to try one or two of his ukuleles for yourself.
By the way nearly forgot to mention ZaZa will not only be appearing at the Ukulele Hooley in August, but he will also be giving a ukulele master class workshop.

John Watson, Classical Ukulele Composer

John Watson introduces himself as “playing ukulele, thinking ukulele. dreaming ukulele. writing music for the ukulele”…..and he certainly does! Having trained as a composer both at CalArts and the University of Exeter, he has turned his compositional skills to writing beautiful music specially for the ukulele “an instrument for which there are countless arrangements, but for which there are relatively few compositions”.
John has published two online books of his beautiful compositions and they can be found on his website The first book is “Ukulele Etudes” and his latest publication is “The Ukulele Duets” from which both of these videos are taken. Do check out his Youtube channel (his Youtube name is “isca72”) John is an excellent player as well as a gifted composer.