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George Formby “Splitstroke” & “Triplet” tutorial

Ok, you either like George Formby or you don’t…… … there are two distinct camps on this but even if you don’t like George Formby songs, he was a master of his instrument. If you’ve ever tried to play like Formby you’ll appreciate just what a wizard the man was.
Anyway, two of the most amazing techniques he introduced were the “Splitstroke” & the “Triplet” and there are a number of videos on YouTube demonstrating how to learn them but this recent one caught my eye (thanks Tommy!) and I thought it probably one of the best around.
So, if you want to play like the “Master” here’s the lesson for you.

And here’s Georgie Boy playing “The Barmaid At The Rose & Crown” mentioned in the lesson.

Lisa Hannigan :: Passenger Documentary

On Lisa Hannigan’s wonderful “Passenger” album released at the end of the year she features the ukulele on a number of songs and also in her performance set. Lisa has been playing the ukulele for some time (as well as her mandolin & guitar) and her song “Knots” was released as a single from the album.
Lisa is playing at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on March 8th.