Monthly Archives: August 2010

Keith White’s tutorial for Irving Berlin’s “Walking Stick”

Keith was playing his wonderful uke version of Irving Berlin’s “Walking Stick” (as played by Leon Redbone) at the last Shebeen Open Mic and both Shay Bagnall and I seperately, asked him for the chords and this was Keith’s generous response, He did this really helpful video tutorial and posted it on YouTube and it has been picked up by one one of the top ukulele sites ““.

Barry “Red Hat” Whiteside demonstrates “The Diddley Bow”

Barry Whiteside took to the uke the way a duck takes to water and its fair to say he is probably one of the world’s biggest enthusiast for the little “four stringed wonder”! But here he is demonstrating Shelley Rickey’s “Diddley Bow”, a one stringed instrument that looks good fun!
Barry has given generously of his time to share his love and ukulele knowledge through the 11am UkuHooley uke class each month and his cheerful and friendly approach has made him many friends throughout the ukulele community in Ireland and abroad. Barry is heading off to London in September to spread his ukulele wings a bit so we will all miss him but with the internet and Ryanair we will be staying in touch.
It would be great if “Barry’s” ukulele class could come along to the UkuHooley 2nd Birthday on August 14th to help give him a send off!

Check out Barrys videos on his YouTube page: