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I’ll Be Seeing You (Ukulele Song) by Carol Anne McGowan

Was sent this link to a really nice original ukulele song, written, sung and played by Carol Anne McGowan from Donegal by “Catriona” (a new subcriber to ukuhooley-thanks Catriona). So in furthering our policy of promoting new Irish uke talent here it is- Enjoy!

PS: Unless I am mistaken, Garret Baker, an excellent uke player who has played at a number of the Shebeen Chic Mondays (and posts on the forum) did a double show with Carol Ann just before Christmas. I was sorry to miss it!

Tommy Sheridan “does” Formby!

Tommy “Formby” Sheridan in action!

At last Saturday’s Ukuhooley, Tommy Sheridan stepped in at the last moment and gave one of the most entertaining lessons and great days we’ve had since we started our uke get togethers (and thats saying a lot!)

Now we all knew Tommy was not going to miss the chance of bringing “Georgy Boy” into the equation, but he surpassed himself and even the least fervent Formby admirers had a fantastic day.

Shay Bagnall
gave another of his totally infectious “Rock & Roll” medley lessons and the whole evening rounded off with a fun session in the local “The Eagles”.

Ukuleles are seriously the answer to the January “Blues”!

Biggest Ukulele Shop Window in the Whole World!

For a number of years all the world ukulele manufacturers get together in Anaheim, in Southern California to show off their latest ukuleles to the world at the annual NAMM Music Industry Exhibition.

Its like an enormous toy store for ukulele lovers and Mike Aratani (Musicguymic) the largest uke seller in the world, is both the most enthusiastic visitor and exhibitor.

Every year Mike does a number of YouTube reports on new ukes and they are always a treat (I love them anyway!) so I am going to post them here and on the forum as he makes them available.

I just love the look of this one – it’s a COLLINGS ARCH TOP TENOR made by COLLINGS GUITARS (they make high end professional instruments) and it looks and sounds like a stunner!

Here its introduced by the genial Mike and Bill Collings himself.