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Ohana Ukuleles Have Arrived in Ireland!!

UPDATE: 31st. December 2009:
OHANA UKULELES ARE NOW HERE IN IRELAND! a very good online shop are now selling OHANA and you can see them by clicking on the link in the ukulele shops links side bar on this page.

Ohana have a fantastic range of carefully made and beautifully designed ukuleles and a well deserved reputation for attention to detail and quality control.

Our good friend Ken Middleton (YouTube Ukulele “Supremo”) came over to the Ukulele Hooley Festival and presented a wonderful display of what can only be described as “uke porn” (stunning ukuleles to the unitiated!) on the Ohana Stand and was literally beseiged by buyers pleading with him to sell some of the beautiful ukes he had brought along. Being the gentleman that he is Ken relented, and sold almost every ukulele he had brought with him.

Check out Ken’s reviews of some the latest in the Ohana range on YouTube:

Clawhammer Ukulele at Saturdays Ukuhooley

At last Saturday’s Ukuhooley (Oct 10th) James Quah gave a very good workshop on clawhammer ukulele playing and he used this version of the old Stephen Foster song, “The Camptown Races” to demonstrate this style. James also has sent the Chords for this song (and others he demonstrated) and you will find them on the forum.
ALSO, James has just put up a refresher video of his Ukuhooley lesson and you can see it on the forum.

James Quah playing “Camptown Races”, Clawhammer Style